Our achievements and aspirations

As a united group, we feel we can achieve much more. The generosity of members to share tools, experiences and ideas is phenomenal. There is such a wealth of experience in the group, many are new to the sepsis role, but as it is generally a senior position we are a group of highly experienced nurses. Externally we are supported by Ron Daniels BEM and the UK Sepsis Trust and Michael Sukitt – Parr head of patient safety for NHS England.

Our strongest quality is networking with each other. It can be a lonely role, so the support of each other is Vital. The resources we share in the forum are invaluable. We are able to share experiences, what works, what doesn’t work and how we can improve.

In the North East of England, we have successfully ran a regional collaborative since September 2015 – my plan as chair is to support the setup of regional collaborative across the UK within manageable distance so it is feasible to meet up on a monthly basis and feed into the national forum.

We have challenged the international coding rules for sepsis and have managed to/ looking to  get this guidance changed in many hospitals, this means that patients who have sepsis can be more easily identified, thus helping us as sepsis nurses to evaluate their care and support areas where needed.

We have joined the world of social media and have recently celebrated our first 100 twitter followers! @UKsepsisnurses. Julian Newell of Barnsley Hospital is in the process of designing our face book page (in his annual leave!)

Lucky for the forum we have a technological expert Dimitry Zlatkovsky, Sepsis Nurse, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Dimitry has also funded the webpage for us, and is in the process of developing this as a resource for us all.

At the AGM we had fantastic speakers within the forum as well as externa, those with innovative ideas or something which has particularly worked well was shared. Sarah Odams of University Hospitals Leicester delivered a fantastic talk on sepsis champions, those of us who were not as successful in introducing champions, can now contact Sarah for support on advice on how to make it work. It’s particularly motivating to find where something hasn’t worked; there is someone who can make it work and offer a different approach, making you ready to try it again.

Sally Wood of Nottingham University Hospitals won the dragons den competition last year at the national sepsis conference with her clinician feedback IT package – Sally is currently working hard to offer this on a non-profit basis for the rest of the UK hospitals. Another inspiration among us is Nic Lythell, Sepsis Nurse Practitioner Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust who has just been shortlisted for the BMJ awards.

One of the compelling qualities of the forum is there is no competitiveness – the ethos of each and every member is to maximise patient safety. Transparency from each member is paramount to take our services forward.

The debate in the room and via email is incredible, it is such a highly motivated passionate group reading to support and praise each other. Paula Evans,  Lead Sepsis Nurse, Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust had the crazy job of capturing the minutes of   the day and the pleasure of writing them up in her annual leave – I can’t thank the sepsis executive committee enough for their dedication and time they input to make this forum work.  I am honoured to be chair and very excited to see the group develop.

“As Sepsis Nurse Practitioner for Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, my job is to support and educate our staff to deliver the best possible care to patients with sepsis.  Being a part of the UK Sepsis Nurse Forum enables us to share ideas and good practice; to explore regional and national uniformity for sepsis treatment; and to help shape the future of sepsis management in the UK.  The forum is a great resource for any healthcare teams that are just getting started with sepsis improvements, and a fantastic support to those at any stage of the improvement journey.”

Nic Lythell, Sepsis Nurse Practitioner Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

“As Sepsis Lead in a rural DGH in Somerset, linking with colleagues through the forum from all over the country who are working towards the same goals  has been invaluable. There has been a lot of hard work along the way, but also many laughs too. We were inspired to enter a team into the #cycle4sepsis supporting the UK Sepsis Trust and achieved national and local press coverage to help us raise awareness of Sepsis, we also made an entertaining training film for staff on Sepsis that is has over 4000 YouTube viewshttp://youtu.be/ZxZ-w_ncseI . By sharing thoughts, ideas challenges and frustrations with colleagues in the forum, an initially impossible sounding aim is turning into an achievable one. Thank you.”

Emma Young, Critical Care Outreach & Sepsis Lead, Yeovil District Hospital Somerset.

 “My colleagues in the UK Sepsis Nurse Forum have been invaluable as support and a resource since starting out on my sepsis journey. Originally this was part of a substantive nurse practitioner role but has now developed into that of ‘sepsis nurse’ at Dorset County Hospital. The support I have received and the opportunity to network with national and regional sepsis nurses has made the transition a whole lot easier.  I would encourage anyone in the role to join the forum as we are a friendly inclusive supportive bunch.”

Ann Bishop, Sepsis Nurse, Dorset County Hospital