UK Sepsis Practitioner Forum Committee. Terms of Reference

UK Sepsis Practitioner Forum Committee

Terms of Reference


  • To enable a platform for sharing knowledge, best practice, lessons learnt
  • To provide a platform for networking
  • To provide support in particular to people new to a sepsis post
  • To create a professional voice from those who are actually involved in and specialists in the field


  1. Act as a hub for all allied health professionals whose primary job description involves improvement of patients with sepsis.
  1. To be aware of what is changing in terms of guidance around sepsis and ensuring that news is disseminated to the forum.
  1. If concern exists about issues at frontline or implementation of guidance or audit about sepsis, that this forum can respond as a collective voice to raise the concerns.
  1. Support the delivery of regional groups.
  1. Individual members will disseminate information to and from their own trusts.


Membership of the committee 

Representation from:

  • Membership from at least three different NHS Trusts

Committee structure as below:

  • Chair – Chair meetings and professional face of the UKSPF
  • Vice-Chair – Assist with the above – lead forum in the absence of above
  • Secretary – Update member list and welcome new members
  • Deputy Secretary – AGM agenda and speakers, minutes for AGM
  • Student Nurse Liason
  • Communications Officer
  • Regional Meeting Link
  • Deputy Regional Meeting Link
  • IT/tech support
  • Social Media Lead (Only members of the committee are able to login to the UKSPF twitter account)


Terms of Office:

All posts in Office are envisaged to be for a 2yr post from the point at which they start their post (with the esxception of the Student Nurse Liason role whose term of office will be 3yrs). All posts in office will be elected in at the AGM following vote by the members present at the AGM.


Membership of the forum:

  • Own a valid Allied Health Professional Registration
  • Sepsis must be a listed part of your job description



The UKSPF Chair will chair the meetings. The Vice Chair will act as deputy chair in the event that the Chair is unable to be present.



Committee is deemed quorate if there is representation from at least three different NHS Trusts, of which either the Chair or Vice-chair must be present.



Committee Meetings will take place at least annually (in addition to the AGM) or more frequently as required.


The AGM will occur annually.

Date of next review TOR: September 2017.