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The structure of the forum

From the forum being set up, with no money and no protected time, it was evident that structure was needed to develop the forum. In 2015 I was tasked to chair the forum and lead an organisational restructure. An executive committee was formed consisting of:


Position Duties Responsibility
Chair Chairing meetings and professional face of SNF Jacqui Jones
Vice-Chair Assist with above, lead forum in absence of chair. Paul Drew
Founder Assist with the above Paul Drew
Secretary Update member list/welcome new members. AGM agenda. Support chair.

Lead forum in absence of C & VC. Organises speakers for AGM.

Sally Wood
Minutes sec Scribe and send out minutes, regional chairs to report to Paula and Paula to distribute regional minutes nationally

CQC adviser, support for failing trusts.

Organises sponsorship for AGM.

Paula Evans
IT Web Page & technological support Dimitry Zlatkovsky
Meeting organiser Organises the annual meetings

Head of regional structures, divides up UK into regional locations, supports regional collaborative. Ensure regional meetings are ongoing. Organises speakers for AGM.

Face book Set up and manage face book

Resource and support to members who would like to publish work

NICE & NCEPOD advice

Julian Newell
Twitter Tweets on behalf of UKSNF All panel


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