UK Sepsis Practitioner Forum

The role of the sepsis nurse is relatively new, originally dreamed up by Doctor (Dr) Ron Daniels, British Empire Medal (BEM), and Chief Executive of the UK Sepsis Trust (UKST) and CEO of the Global Sepsis Alliance. This role was funded for a year back in 2008.

After visiting Dr Daniels in his organisation, this role was then embedded into South Tees Hospitals National Health Service Foundation Trust (STHNHSFT) from 2010. For three years to my knowledge I was the only sepsis nurse in the UK. This was quite a challenging and daunting role being new to the organisation but also relatively new to the NHS. It was also and still is a fantastic opportunity for self and organisational development. A role those six years on, I have the same enthusiasm and immense pride in the role as when I started, I thoroughly enjoy coming to work!

In 2013, Paul Drew of Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital NHS Trust, was recruited into the role of sepsis nurse. Like me in this isolated role he was keen to network. He started by contacting Ron Daniels and made contact with myself and two other sepsis nurses. The group began to grow and called itself the United Kingdom Sepsis Nurse Forum (UKSNF).

At the same time, Paula Evans of Sherwood Forest Hospitals was also recruited. It was at a patient safety congress in Liverpool where she met Michael Sukitt –Parr, head of patient safety for NHS England and an avid member and supporter of the  UKSNF. Michael introduced Paula and Paul and with his support managed to locate other sepsis nurses across the UK. With support from the UKST and NHS England

The first AGM was held in London in 2015 and was attended by 16 sepsis nurses across the UK. The recruitment of sepsis nurses has continued to grow and there are now 66 members of the forum. The AGM in 2016 was attended by 33 sepsis nurses.


Aims of the forum

Founder Paul Drew states “the UK sepsis nurse forum was developed as a platform to get sepsis nurses sharing information and experiences on sepsis. We want to improve our practice and to support other nurses who manage sepsis for their trust or board to create change in their organisation and awareness for staff and the public and an improved outcome for patients”.


Written by

Jacqui Jones

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Jo Mohan:


Sepsis Specialist Nurses,

South Tees NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust.